Failure to Launch: Why 4K Gaming hasn’t Taken off in South Korea

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The new 4K gaming standard is taking off in the West, but Korea lags behind.

by Kyle Hovanec

4K offers a large jump in quality, but does it matter for Korean gamers?

No matter which kind of gaming you’re into, it’s impossible to ignore the recent rallying towards 4K. Whether with movies, monitors or consoles, this higher resolution is being pushed by hardware and software developers as the next visual standard for all forms of entertainment. With Sony’s recent release of the PS4 Pro and Microsoft’s upcoming reveal of their own 4K console (codenamed the Scorpio), the drive for 4K has never been stronger.

Korea has also been heavily involved on the 4K front, with 4K-capable monitors and TVs from big name manufacturers like Samsung and LG. Along with plans for 4K broadcasts, it only seems like a matter of time before Korea is fully immersed in this newest visual standard. But while the country’s manufacturers are indeed on the forefront of 4K, Korean gamers may have to wait a little longer before it becomes the visual standard that is seen in PC Bangs across the country.

PC Bangs offer a selection of multiplayer games to play for a low cost

PC Bangs are designed to appeal to eager gamers with cheap usage costs (many sometimes being as cheap as 1,000 won per hour), snacks, beverages and PCs loaded with the most popular online games ready for you to log into and play. With this low cost of entry, PC Bangs make a majority of their revenue through the concessions sold and the relatively low-cost employees are paid to maintain each space. PCs are updated with the necessary specs to handle most major games without technical issues.

Overwatch is the second most played PC title next to League of Legends

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