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Latis Global’s goal is to provide communication services that maximize game immersion.
With a systematic translation process and excellent human resources, our game services are the first steps to creating the ultimate gameplay experience.
Game Localization

Localization is an integral part of the vehicle that connects a game to its audience; it is vital to translate every piece of content as naturally as possible.

At Latis Global, our systematic multilingual translation process allows experts at each stage to localize products and content that will be easily accessible to local consumers.

Translation / Editing / Proofreading
  • Translation, review and final delivery by native speakers
  • Internal native speaking employees (English, Japanese, and Chinese) supervise the process
  • Source rewriting: improving hangul source text
Translation File Engineering
  • Workload is optimized due to translation file analysis and preparation
  • Translation results are stored and managed
  • The final file is checked for consistency, data, variables and tags before delivery
Linguistic Quality Assurance Testing
  • Translated text applied to a real game build to confirm and modify if necessary
Multimedia Localization
  • Localized audio dubbing and graphics available
Multilingual Translation Process
1. Client commission and file review
Content, document format, target language review and customer inquiry process (schedule, file format, etc.)
2. Project launch and translation preparation
Estimate proposals and business consultations
3. File engineering
Efficient processing of in-file translation targets, reference targets
4. Translation / Native speaker supervision
Expert translations by language/sector, with confirmation of context, grammar and fluency by a native speaker
5. Text editing
Documents edited according each language’s characteristics
6. QA (final error review) and delivery
QA run with a professional QA Tool, final delivery reflecting the client’s wishes
Global CS
24/7 Customer Service
From its global contact center in the Philippines, our CS managers support English-speaking overseas customers via a 24/7 service.
Integrated user communication channels enable effective management of a diverse range of customer community channels, such as e-mail, forums, mobile chat and Facebook.
Game Support
For efficiency, frequently asked questions are arranged in an FAQ document to help users find answers independently. This includes frequently asked questions pertaining to game content, installation and running, payment, items etc. Frequent posts are also made regarding content and game updates on the customer center site.
With game communities, users can find answers from fellow gamers and share their own experiences without requiring the support team.
Help Center
Implementation of a help center improves customer service as it enables users to solve problems independently.
Voice Recording
Next-Level Sound
The music and sound of a game is its backbone. For a game to be truly enthralling, real game music and sounds are essential.
Latis Global has spent more than 10 years designing sound for online, mobile, arcade, and console games. By working with composers, sound designers, and sound engineers with over a decade of experience under their belts, we ensure the highest quality on all projects that require game music, such as game sound, BGM, and OST.
Audio QA & Sound Tuning
  • Content sound and audio QA for games etc. → sound design direction
  • Left-right balance, sound tone, and effect comparison and correction according to the genre of the content, including games, targets, and platforms
Audio Dubbing & Editing
  • Studio for voice recording and editing available Both game sound effect DB and production available
Music Composing & Voice Effect Design
  • BGM composition and sound effects for games, videos etc.
  • UI/SFX/Character/Ambiance Sound Effect composition and editing
Sound Library
  • 20,000+ sounds available via the (Global Services) library