Skonec Entertainment Develops new Sci-Fi VR Attraction

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Gangnam Gamers recently visited the labs of Skonec Entertainment to check out the development of a new VR attraction called Mortal Blitz.

The game was an absolute blast to play, and it really started to cement what we can expect out of the Korean game industry in 2017. VR is going to be coming out of SK in a big way! Skonec is ahead of the game because they’ve been playing around with VR, motion tracking, etc, for more than 3 years now but other Korean devs are hot on their heels. When we visited G Star a good 1/3 of the floor space was taken up by upcoming VR games, attractions, and experiences.

The “VR Attraction” Won’t just be Coming out of the States

What’s interesting about VR is that, compared to Console, PC, or Mobile gaming, it’s quite a blank slate and developers appear to be taking this opportunity to push new boundaries without the expectation of “what the game is supposed to be”. What constitutes a successful mobile game, in Korea, is pretty set right now. But VR is totally open. There’s no manual–entire new payment and play models will have to be created from scratch. I’d suspect that a large chunk of VR attractions will be coming out of South Korea, if not just because developers are free to do what they want without a publisher saying “no” just because it doesn’t meet an already popular monetization scheme.

Overall we’ll see, but if attractions like Mortal Blitz are even remotely successful, expect late 2017 and 2018 to start a massive trend.


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